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AWP Goings-On

I’ve only been to AWP one time, when it was in NYC. And even then I wasn’t at the actual shindig, but rather at some really awkward after-party prom thing that would’ve been awful if two of my pals weren’t there. I suspect there’s much more to this annual event though, judging by how excited everyone is by it. One of the things that people seem to be the most excited by are the off-site events, which always sound like a who’s who of the small press world. This year, it seems, is no different. The hot ticket (according to how many people I see mentioning it on my Facebook friend feed) is the Literari Gong Show, hosted by five publishing heavyweights: Barrelhouse, Dzanc Books, Featherproof, Flatmancrooked, and Hobart. I’ve either been involved in or have heard lore about readings by these folks, so I suspect it’s going to be fantastic and I kind of wish I could go. I can’t, but maybe you can. Look at the insane line-up of participants, including several Monkeybicycle contributors and even one of our editors: Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, Myfanwy Collins, Lindsay Hunter, Jac Jemc, Roy Kesey, Matt Kirkpatrick, Adam Novy, and Shya Scanlon. And did I mention fancy judges Forrest Gander, Pamela Houston, and Benjamin Percy?

The details:

Thursday, February 3rd
6-8 PM
Madam’s Organ Blues Bar
2461 18th St. NW
Washington, D.C.

Seems like if you’re at AWP this is the place to be. Let me know how it goes.

Good luck everyone

Over the last four years I have had the immense pleasure to live in Chicago, study writing, get involved in publishing, and get to know tons of writers, editors, and teachers. Most of the people that I’ve met since I’ve been in this amazing world are in a similar position to myself- they are in college, in grad programs, or looking for that one big job. Personally, I’m about to finish my undergrad and I’ve applied to both Teach For America and a masters in library science program. The last few months have been non-stop work on my applications and stress about how many leadership roles I’ve taken on.

And I know that lot of you are in the exact same position that I am. Maybe you are laying up nights thinking of last minute back up plans. Maybe you are sitting on your couch nearly catatonic from overload. Whatever form it takes on in your life, I’d like to say that I feel you. And the best of luck to all of you.

New Review of Monkeybicycle7 at decomP magazinE

Our friends at decomP magazinE have posted a new review of Monkeybicycle7 over at their blog. It’s not exactly favorable, but bad press is still good press, right? Read the review here. And if you’re a brave soul who doesn’t listen to reviews, pick up a copy of the book here.

“Act Like You Mean It” at Black Book

It’s always exciting to read a write-up about Monkeybicycle somewhere. But what I really love is when work is singled out that we’ve published. To me, that’s even more exciting because it means what we’ve been trying to do for the last eight years is working: people are reading what we put out there.

The latter was the case yesterday when Black Book magazine’s website deemed called Jason DeYoung’s “Act Like You Mean It,” our website story from last week, Fiction For Your Lunch Break. Of the author, they said:

This week’s story comes from author Jason DeYoung, a guy I hadn’t heard of before, but whose talent, if this short blast of prose is any indication, is something to be reckoned with.

We agree. And this story is another example of how great our web editor, Jessa Marsh, is at her job. If you haven’t been reading the archives, you’re really missing out on some great selections. Take a few minutes to browse.

Thanks to Jason for sending “Act Like You Mean It” to us, and thanks to Black Book for taking the time to read it! You can find more of Jason’s work in places like Painted Bride Quarterly, Gargoyle, Harpur Palete, and Writer’s Carousel, too. Check him out!

The Way We Sleep: SUBMIT!

Do you have a story or comic that involves a bed that you’ve yet to find a home for because there aren’t a lot of places that publish stories or comics involving beds? Well rejoice and send it to The Way We Sleep, an upcoming anthology that is co-edited by Monkeybicycle web editor, Jessa Marsh and Knee-Jerk Magazine co-founder/Arts & Media editor, C. James Bye.

Here are the guidelines:

We are looking for fiction, non-fiction, comics/sequential art- basically any form of story-telling that isn’t poetry (sorry poets). The only caveat is that your work must somehow include sleep or beds. Now, this doesn’t have to be what the story is all about. It can be a tangent or a major theme, just as long as it gets in there somehow. Beds are a major part of life, and lots of different experiences can happen in or around them. We are looking for writing that explores that in non-cliche and interesting ways. Be clever and surprise us.

Prose should be under 5,000 words, for the love of God.

We are open to traditional stories and experimental forms. Don’t be afraid to send us a list of your top five favorite bed partners (# 3- Your dog from grade school who slept over your legs no matter how much you kicked him in your sleep).

Don’t delay. Submit your sleepy work now.

Forecast-Themed Literary Death Match

If you’re in the NYC area on Wednesday, January 26th, let us encourage you to come to Le Poisson Rouge and join in the celebration of Monkeybicycle editor Shya Scanlon’s new book, Forecast. As part of the latest Literary Death Match, copies of the book will be given away to the first 100 ticket buyers. And the night is sure to be full of literary debauchery with a competition between readers James Freed, Morgan Meis, Amy Shearn, and Anya Ulinich. The winner of this knock-down, drag-’em-out battle will be determined by an esteemed panel of judges, including Roz Chast, Sam Lipsyte, and Kevin Townley. Such an evening! Get your tickets while you still can. The details are here:

Where: Le Poisson Rouge, 158 Bleecker Street, NYC (map)
When: Doors at 6:30, Show at 7:05 (sharp), Afterparty after!
Cost (includes copy of Forecast for first 100 guests): $10 preorder, $15 at the door; $25 for T-shirt, Forecast & entry.