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New Bookstores?! Yep.

In the midst of what a lot of people have been considering the death of the independent bookstore, there are two new ventures helmed by brave souls who look at this current economic climate and laugh in its sad, ugly face. One is online, and one is brick-and-mortar. Both seem to be pretty damn awesome.

Emily Books is an online, subscription-based ebookstore that puts out books by women, not necessarily just for women, but that seems to be their primary audience. Whether you’re a man or a woman, though, Emily Books is pretty awesome and you should consider one of their subscriptions, either for yourself or as a lovely holiday gift for someone else. Check them out.

Also, if you’re around the NYC area, Emily Books is having a launch party at Housing Works tonight. Should be a fantastic time, so show up if you can!


Next up is The Pop-Hop: Books and Curio.This is a store that isn’t going to live exclusively online (though I’m sure you’ll be able to order things through their website) , but will instead inhabit a storefront in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles. It’s, well, curious, in that it’s not just a wonderful and supportive independent bookstore, but it’s also going to be a project space that will offer workshops in screen printing, bookbinding, photography, and more. It sounds like it could be pretty amazing, and it’s run by some really great folks. Before they launch in early 2012, The Pop-Hop is looking for a little help to get things off the ground. They have a Kickstarter page where you can spread some holiday cheer by donating a few bucks. They’re almost halfway to their goal of $10,000, so make a donation and help them to the finish line. When you’re able to walk into their store or order from their website, you’ll be glad you did. Donate here.