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The Way We Sleep: The Book, The Podcast, The Fun!

Beds are the most intimate of places, where you spend a third of your life. They are quiet places, they are rambunctious places. Published by Curbside Splendor in December 2012, The Way We Sleep is an anthology of short stories, interviews, and comics all dealing with how we slumber. Edited by former Monkeybicycle web editor Jessa Bye and Knee-Jerk Magazine co-founder and Arts and Culture editor, C. James Bye, it features some of our favorite indie lit writers, including Roxane Gay, J.A. Tyler, Dakota Sexton, Matthew Salesses, Billy Lombardo, and tons more.

To promote the book, the co-editors are doing a two-week-long blog tour. On this stop, they present the The Way We Sleep podcast. It’s a lot of fun and will definitely make your day brighter. So give it a listen:

The Way We Sleep, in a handsome 10 x 10, glossy coffee table style layout, can be purchased here. (Tip: This makes the perfect holiday gift for just about anyone.)

Follow the rest of the Blog Tour at


Contributor News

Several Monkeybicycle contributors have new books and projects going on right now. Please take a look at the links below and help support great writers!

First up, our website editor, J. Bradley has a new novella out from Housefire Books called Bodies Made of Smoke. Jason Teal, editor of Heavy Feather Review says of the book: “Bodies Made of Smoke is at once a story of true detection, a critical analysis of the cult film Highlander, a New York Times best-selling guide to more frequent one-night-stands; all my new favorite things. Step back, this novella swings. There is only one. J. Bradley stuns with this sexy new work.” You can read more about and order it here. But before you click, check out the trailer below.


Next, website contributor Peter DeMarco has a new intertwined short story collection called Background Noise available from Pangea Books. It’s available in print or as an e-book. A description:

Troubled young suburbanite Henry Walker has learned the secret of guilt-free violence. Now he intends to use it—with a vengeance. Background Noise is the tale of a man’s inexorable descent into violence, told through a series of interconnected stories. Hip and tough, Background Noise introduces a voice of unique narrative power and evocative prose.


Monkeybicycle intern emeritus, Peter Kispert, has a new literary project launching soon. Swarm is a unique quarterly online journal which publishes four pieces per issue (two poems and two stories). We encourage you to submit something. Read their guidelines here. Issue one launches in February.


That’s it for now. If you’re a Monkeybicycle contributor and have a new project you’d like us to mention, drop us a line.