Ten Everywhere: Caleb J. Ross and the Stranger Will Tour For Strange

Posted By bl pawelek - 8th July 2011

In 10 words (no more, no less), describe the Stranger Will Tour For Strange.
CR: 70 blog posts. No fiction. Damn, I miss writing stories.

Tell me the best and worst of this tour so far.
CR: I love reading the post comments. It’s what authors strive for more than readers; it’s the affirmation that the readers exist. The worst: dedicating a lot of time to writing a post and never getting that affirmation. Though I don’t need the verbal pat on the back, it feels good to get it. The second best part is when bloggers approach me to post at their sites. I am all about reader/writer interaction; this blog tour supports that love.

Gregory Frye site – What cartoon father are you, and what do you keep telling your cartoon child?
CR: Damn good question. Though not a father specifically, I think I’m Professor Farnsworth from Futurama. My intentions are pure, but I can’t help but circumnavigate lesson opportunities in favor of a crude joke. My kid, who is 2 ½ now, is at the age where he is absorbing all of my nonsense. So, for now I try to promote positivity (“Good news everyone”) but usually come across as the dorky father (“…you might want to read up on a condition known as wandering bladder.”)

HTML Giant site  – What is the one thing that you have written that will never be found by the Google search spiders?
CR: I wrote this amazing flash fiction piece called “the rel=”nofollow”” attribute. Good luck, Google.

Bull Men’s Fiction site – Did you send the letter to Swisher Sweets?
CR: I didn’t. The letter was originally sent to Drew Estate specifically regarding their super tasty ACID cigars (the editor of Bull Men’s Fiction thought the piece might work better as a stand-alone post if I dropped the model name). After having not heard back from Drew Estate, I was too busy crying to bother resending.

Matt Bell site – What was the last grotesque thing you have witnessed?
CR: My coworker can bend her index finger joint at a 90 degree angle. Why this creeps me out, I don’t know. I have a weird aversion to human digits. I can’t stand to have the tips of my toes touched.

Publishing Genius site – If a stranger asked you what you writing was like, what would you say?
CR: It’s like if Stephen King and James Patterson were combined…at the kidney.

Mel Bosworth’s site – From your small press world, what is your best experimental line?
CR: It’s hard to determine an experimental line without context. Though, if pulled, I’d say Shome Dasgupta’s i am here And You Are Gone offers some good ones, especially if you allow the definition of a “line” to be something as simple as a row of Os; he’s got more than a few instances of that.

NOO Journal site – “There is nothing quite as satisfying, for me, as re-writing an entire novel.” Really?
CR: Well, there are probably a few things better than re-writing an entire novel. But it is true that I find immense joy in rebuilding something that I through was so close to finished. Imagine, you are building a log cabin. Just as you are about to weave the final thatch for the roof, you realize something, an epiphany of sorts, that throws your entire ideal into question. And more than that, the epiphany is so strong that you are willing to start over from the ground up to realize your revised ideal. Persuasion that powerful just doesn’t happen often enough.

I love the cover of Stranger Will. How did it come about?
CR: Thank you. I’ve always had the idea of a lone bench and had been toying around with the image for some time before the book was even finished (I’m like a college garage band like that; naming ourselves before we even know how to play). When I happened upon Rémi Carreiro’s photo, I knew I wanted to work with it. However, the final design was actually only one of six possible covers. The publisher allowed me to leave the cover choice up to a vote. The Carreiro bench cover won.

I added the old man in the background and played with the colors a bit, but overall, the image stays true to Carreiro’s original.

In 10 words (no more, no less), describe your next project.
CR: An anti Stranger Will novel, still grotesque, that embraces parenthood.

Caleb J. Ross, Stranger Will Tour For Strange.

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