Ten Everywhere: Frank Hinton and I Don’t Respect Female Expression

Posted By bl pawelek - 27th February 2012


In 10 words (no more, no less), describe I Don’t Respect Female Expression.
FH: like a concept album, everything is spiritually connected. about lust.

I dig Brian Manley’s work – how did the cover come about?
FH: It’s a relationship Matt Debenedictis has. I was pretty thrilled to have Brian working on it. They asked me what I wanted to go with and I said that I was interested in legs. I wanted there to be legs. I think I said there are things legs reveal that other parts of the body don’t. Brian came back with the cover, which seemed perfect.

(A Starting Place) – If it starts with two slugs of clementine, what does it end with?
FH: Well, whenever I eat clementine I get acid reflux. So I suppose it ends in heartburn.

(Make a Man) – “Make a man and name him Frank” – could one call this the Genesis of, well, you?
FH: The chapbook was influenced by Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer. I think the make a man segment is my Georgie Fruit transformation. Frank is made and then in the next segment, he’s there lusting after the female lead.

(A Medium Sized Mammal Native To North America) – What if I argued that there were no objects or entities?
FH: You’d be right. It’s a matter of physics. Nothing is real in and of itself, everything is part of a greater motion, changing matter. Why attach yourself emotionally to anything when it is bound to transmogrify? You can live a wise life without those attachments. Maybe. Idk.

(All Of The People In These Pictures Are Dead Now) – Since authenticity is everything, can you tell me one authentic piece of you.
FH: I am obsessed with cribbage.

Describe your last real moment.
FH: Holding my dog, crying because of a bad guy. Getting my face licked, held by paws. Reading a bit and feeling fine.

(You Rarely See Your Dirt In The Shower) – Where does your dirt water go?
FH: Into the harbour.

(DSC00001.jpg) – I can no longer edit life experience in red anymore (horrible journalism flashbacks). Are there any other colors you would recommend?
FH: Yes. Lazuli.

(Comorbidity) – Which Frank is your favorite?
FH: I like baby Frank because he’s 2 and should be out of his crib.

(Something Pure and Good) – Tell me a couple things that are good and pure, but not yet rejected.
FH: xtx, roxane gay, richard chiem, frances dinger, alexander j allison, christopher allen. they are pure and good.

In 10 words (no more, no less), describe your next project.
FH: Right now I’m in the last stage before my novel Action, Figure is released. It’s about uh… this. 


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