Ten Everywhere: Lavinia Ludlow and alt.punk

Posted By bl pawelek - 20th July 2011


In 10 words (no more, no less), describe alt.punk.
LL: American naturalism, punk gods, and uptight suburbia collide in alt.punk

How did you come up with the title?
LL: I pulled “alt” from the word alternative, such as there are alternative forms of what each of us may consider normal or acceptable or beautiful. The term “punk” is up for debate and depends on what the reader takes away from the novel. The formatting is a series of innovative attempts (like iPod), coupled with a misinterpretation sent back by the publisher. I started with “alt. Punk” and one day the publisher wrote back “alt.punk.” Aesthetically I liked it a lot more.

If there was one punk song that describes you, what would it be?
LL: Jokingly? Attitude by the Misfits. Kind of serious? Live Fast, Die Young by the Circle Jerks. Seriously? Smash It Up by the Damned.

So, which one goes first: Hazel, Kree, Otis or Landon?
LL: Are you asking me my favorite character? Hands down, it’s Landon. He embodies a true badass. He’s confident, whip-smart and as a consequence a smart-ass, yet he’s protective, a family man (kinda), and weak in the knobby knees when it comes to his girlfriend.

(p64) – What is your favorite dinosaur compliment?
LL: Once, a guy told me he liked the feeling of my “stegosaurus” when he hugged me. I think he just couldn’t think of the right word (vertebrae), but I’d like to think he meant it in a sweet way. Yeah, underneath it all, I’m sort of a puss.

(p115) – Where is your confidence today (between vengeful beast and fearful titmouse)?
LL: We’ve all got our issues, demons, what have you. I’d say right now I’m a chinchilla. You never know what I’m thinking under all that fuzz. I may just bite your fingertip and/or other right off when you reach in to cuddle with me.

(p135) – Move forward and create new stories or go back and analyze old ones?
LL: New ones. Always new ones. Drafting is the most exhilarating. It seems though my writing process is about 98% editing, 2% drafting. It’s possible I may just need to draft slower and more responsibly.

(p164) – What do you have: not liver or a broken heart?
LL: Thankfully, I still have a functional liver and the most freakishly weirdo yet geeky boyfriend who is very sarcastic and can serve it back to me just as well as I can serve it to him. I could do without his Glee obsession and the Cheetos dust he leaves behind everywhere, but we work. Kinda.

(p192) – Do you have your three inches now?
LL: Some days I feel as if I have an infinite amount of inches, that my life is an oyster with millions of pearls. And then something miniscule happens, like I’m one quarter short for a load of laundry, and then I bipolar swing the other way and feel there’s no way out, I haven’t accomplished anything, and I’m living life in black and white. Art keeps me balanced though. I’ve found that an equilibrium of music, writing, and hard work really makes for a satisfying experience. Yeah, it took me nearly twenty-eight years to figure that out but better now then never.

What was the worst thing you have done with bleach?
LL: Unintentionally combined it with ammonia. I should have paid more attention in remedial chemistry.

How did you come up with the book’s cover?
LL: Look no further than the alt.punk’s editor, Nathan Holic. I knew there was no one closer to the text and content of the novel than he was. I asked him to draw something, and he came back with a mock up, pretty much hitting it spot on.

In 10 words (no more, no less), describe your next project.
LL: Highlighting my childhood friends and hometown in quirky contemporary fiction.

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