Ten Everywhere: Roxane Gay and Ayiti

Posted By bl pawelek - 15th February 2012


In ten words (no more, no less), describe Ayiti.
RG: Love letter to the beautiful ugly land of my parents.

(About My Father’s Accent) – What words do you concentrate on?
RG: Anything involving vowels, especially when the vowels appear at the beginning of the word.

(Voodoo Child) – When was the last time you backed away slowly?
RG: There was this student, you see, and he had a problem with his grade.

(There is No “E” in Zombi …) – How do you save a zombi?
RG: You don’t.

(Things I Know About Fairy Tales) – What are some lessons I could learn in my no-so-fancy clothes?
RG: Any lessons would be better learned in no clothes at all.

(Cheap, Fast, Filling) – Pop quiz: What is the first ingredient listed in a typical Hot Pocket?
RG: That’s a very good question. I have actually never had a Hot Pocket. I am merely obsessed with the idea of them–food injected into a pastry, frozen, and sold for reheating and eating. The future, man.

How long have these stories been in your life?
RG: For the past ten years, at least.

(All Things Being Relative) – What other things bow their heads when passing?
RG: People with long spines, minor prophets, heavy books.

(Gracias Nicaragua, Y Lo Sentimos) – List some things you are because you do not have them.
RG: I’m every woman, it’s all in me.

I always hear about the hardest things about writing. What is the easiest thing?
RG: Writing is the only thing that comes easy to me.

(A Cool Dry Place) – Men fearing their beauty – do you see this often?
RG: Absolutely, and what a shame. There’s so much beauty in men.

In ten words (no more, no less), describe your next project.
RG: A woman wants her daughter; things stand in the way.


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