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God's Corner: A weekly advice column from the Supreme Being - Andrew S. Taylor

No One Ever Gives Me What I Want - Dawn Corrigan

Happy Holidays and Greetings to All!!!! - Carolyn McGovern

What It Meant To Be The Universe - Kevin Fanning

Spring - Samantha Killebrew

The Beat Goes On - Michelle Reale

The Modern Man's Guide to Job Interviews - Jeremy Hanson-Finger

That She Wooed Me Was Inconsequential - Jon Irwin

Hilarious T-Shirts - Mark Leidner

Swans - Hannah Pass

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded But It Might Involve Doughnuts - Tim Jones-Yelvington

The Day the Talking Paul Bunyan Statue Went Off the Rails - Nathaniel Missildine

Peg Leg Chronicles - Jess Wann

Navel Oranges - Brandi Wells

Pizza Day - Litsa Dremousis

Together At Last - Brian Beise

Adding Friends - Jimmy Chen

Laughter is the Best Medicine for the Rest of Us - Pete Reynolds

World War I as Explained Through Superpoke! Actions - Michael Baylis

How It Started - Sam J. Miller

The Nunnery - Jay Wexler

The Man Who Filled His Guinea Pig With Helium - Frank O'Connor

Why My Stand-Up Comedy Career Didn't Work Out - Mot Trablett

Tinfoilers - Stefanie Freele

The Sky Blue Seed (adapted from a Japanese children's tale by Nakagawa Rieko) - Mark Lee Pearson

My Snake Nightmare - Colin Nissan

The List I Found in the Shopping Cart Compared to My List, Compared to My Fantasy Grocery List - Blythe Winslow

When I Was Five - Todd Kelly

Screenplay Ideas From the Desk of Ronnie Hitchcock, Alfred Hitchcock's Less Talented Younger Brother - Pete Reynolds

Congratulations, You Have Graduated With Honors From the School of Mahouts - Becky Hunt

Signature Plays of the Literary Field - Shayn Nicely

Jesus Issues a Response to His Followers Regarding His Decision to Back the Roman Occupation of Judea - Jason Rhode

Excerpts from "A User's Guide to Ghosts" - Crispin Best

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 11: The Thinning (part 2) - Aaron Sitze

Painting the Walls Pink- Sarah Joy Freese
Sarah Joy Freese

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 10: The Thinning (part 1) - Aaron Sitze

Remembering Carrot Man - Max Burbank

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 9: Giving Birth to Penguins - Aaron Sitze

Clouds and Paraguay - Sean Ruane

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 8: Buchanana - Aaron Sitze

My Wedding is Differences - Fortunato Salazar

The Zombie That Ate the Last Person Alive - S. Craig Renfoe, Jr.

Hey, Greenland - Pete Reynolds

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 7: The Big Chair - Aaron Sitze

The Workshop - Zoe Trope

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 6: The Barker Tiedown - Aaron Sitze

This is Us - Shellie Zacharia

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 5: Watching Plants Grow - Aaron Sitze

A Post-Mortem on Our Art Heist - Tyler Stoddard Smith

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 4: The Grandmother of All Trout - Aaron Sitze

10 Reasons Why I Shouldn't Write My Own Life Story - Glen Binger

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 3: Herbs for the Colossal Swede - Aaron Sitze

Fokken - Grant Flint

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 2:What Do You Know About Palm Fronds? - Aaron Sitze

Summer Stalks - Frayn Masters

The Andrew Jackson Stories, Part 1: Wool Blankets and the Old Revolution - Aaron Sitze

Time Machines Can Be Dangerous - Pete Reynolds

On Poetry - Kevin O'Cuinn

Peter Christopher - Brandi Wells

If I Coulld Fly - Colin Nissan

Letters of Great Consequence That Never Arrived - Clive Bannister

My Perfect Year - Todd Kelly

Some Excerpts from the Lonely Planet Master Guide - Summer Block Kumar

Yahoo! SpamGuard Fails Me Again - Greg Boose

Faulty Flashlights - B.J. Hollars

Conversation Piece, 1988 - Jimmy Chen

Andrew Jackson and the Gum Disease Gingivitis - Aaron Sitze

X-Ray - Jon Chopan

Melvin Blaylock Attempts a Hallucinatory Revelation - S. Craig Renfroe, Jr.

A Few Years After the War - John Griswold

Circumstances Under Which I Will In Fact Bite - Daniel McArdle
Daniel McArdle

An Angry and Profane English Professor Responds to Individual Sentences from Live From New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live (2002), by Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller - Matthew Sewell

My Complete and Unabridged Sexual History in 60 Seconds - Shayn Nicely

Pineapple Noir - Eric Suhem

The Coyotes Who Sometimes Hang Out in the Woods Near Frank Stellgard's Home Talk to Him About Their Preference in Beer - Russell Bradbury-Carlin

Even Though There are Far More Important Things than Teaching English, I have Chosen to Teach English and I Refuse to Answer Your Question, "Why?" - Jenny Zhang

While You Were Out - Alexandra Leake

Seen and Not Seen - Patti Jazanoski

Here Am Sounding - Stevie Davis

How I Redecorated the Fortress of Solitude - Rafael Galan

Five Steps in Your Evolution - Joseph Cameron

Reunion - Scott Garson

A Word From the Society for the Prevention of People Being Buried Alive (A Pamphlet): Circa 1850 - Cody Shaffer

13 Times I'd Rather Not Remember - Brandi Wells

Intellectual Property - Cody Shaffer

My Cutting-Edge Cyber Romance Novel: The First Seven Drafts - Charlie Anders

You Don't Support Me In My Writing - Tyler Stoddard Smith

Like They Used To Do In the Movies - Adam Maxwell

Lao-tzu Reviews the Top Tracks of 2007 - Marco Kaye

If You Get Your MFA - Christina Delia

How to Write a Poem About the Beach - Eva Romero

Off Day - Charles Lennox

In Hindsight, I Probably Included Too Much Personal Information in My Missing Dog Bulletin - Ian Rick

Would You Please? - Sean Ruane

My Love Affair with a Librarian, From Start to Finish, as Told Through the Dewey Decimal System - Nick Confalone