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The Monkeybicycle Archives

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My PDA is Prone to PDA - Trevor Macomber

When Monkeys Fly - Sharon McGill

Scrawls From My Blue Period - Ryan Mazer

Pot Stickers - Roland Goity

New Territories - James Tadd Adcox

The Secret - Donna D. Vitucci

Forecast chapter 42 - Shya Scanlon

One-Sentence Stories

How to Put a Marriage Back Together - Susan Lago

Where You've Been - LaTanya McQueen

Twining - Amanda Marbais

Beautiful Beast - Alan Stewart Carl

Sublime - Amy Minton

Jessup - John Jodzio

The World is Just an Address - Sarah Hassan

Tommy's Boobs - Daniel McDermott

About the Monster Under Your Bed - Colin Nissan

Phone Call About an Email in Reference to a Text About an Incident Which Occurred in Real Life - Jimmy Chen

One-Sentence Stories

I Don't Know You - Lindsay Anderberg

The Supreme Court of the United States Orders Lunch - Dan Moreau

Kicker - Gary Moshimer

The Day I Saw John Travolta at the Korean Spa - Laurie Ann Cedilnik

The Disasters - Jac Jemc

What I Should Have Said Was - Casey Wiley

This is what they say, they say - M. Bartley Seigel

Here is Mt. Vesuvius - Tara Laskowski

The Ogre and the Bowling Ball - K.M. Weaver

A Boy - Lauren Becker

The Volcano Museum - William Clifford

Numb - Dallas Woodburn

Biology, Mostly - Stephen Tartaglione

One-Sentence Stories

Pretty Flamingo - Timothy Gager

Attic - Simeon Mills

Under Water - Ethel Rohan

Bread and Butter - Karen Dietrich

About the Flowers - Digby Beaumont

Will you just help me find my shoes already? - Danny Pelletier

Everything is Inevitable - Angi Becker Stevens

Forest City - Martin Heavisides

Switcheroo - Ethan Ryan

One-Sentence Stories

At the Starlight Club With Felipe, 1990 - Mary M. Davies

Things You Did Not Know About Your Dog - C.M. Tomlin

Hope Chest - Anne Valente

The Fictional Herbalist - Katelyn Sack

Troubadours - Ravi Mangla

Leaving Aisha - Caleb Powell

Before We Play Catch - Ralph Gamelli

Iliad Gag Reel - Daniel Nester

A New Wall - John Gorman

One-Sentence Stories

What We Can't Do - Jessa Marsh

Notes on Motorized Carts - Roxane Gay

Two stories - Avital Gad-Cykman

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Square - William Walsh

What the Doctor Ordered - Meg Pokrass

Forecast (an excerpt) - Shya Scanlon

Fegato alla veneziana - Arlene Ang

Cube - Darby Larson

After Prom, It's All Downhill - Erin Fitzgerald

I Sing the Name of Dust - D.C. Porder

Humuhumunukunukuapua'a - Charles Lennox

Songs about Stars - Cortney McLellan

One-Sentence Stories

Wax That Waned - Steve Himmer

Neem Girls - Tirumal Mundargi

The Arctic Fox - J.A. Tyler

I Bet You're Wondering How I Describe My Love for You - Pete Reynolds

My Anchorman - Andrew Roe

They Rolled On - Pete Pazmino

One-Sentence Stories

Gilbert Makes a List - E.K. Entrada

Tweets We Would Like to Delete - Sarah Layden

Stefan's Bacon & Molasses Cookies - Eric Vrooman

One-Sentence Stories

Wish - Mike Valente

Events of '64 - Gary Moshimer

Instructions on Nana - Julia McCloy and Patrick Barb

The Mortgensens - Mikael Awake

Informing My Parents That I'm Gay Through the Magic of Prop Comedy - Chris Elzinga

The Lip Thing - Lydia Conklin

Everything is Going to be OK (II) - Calum Marsh

You Will Not Believe What Happens To Me. But Does It Matter? It Only Matters That I Know What Happens. - Michael Hemmingson

One-Sentence Stories

Several Ways to Begin Page 58 of an Autobiography That Might Be Called 'Butterfly' or 'Mailman' or Maybe Something Totally Different . . . - Sean Ruane

Fill in the Blank Apocalypse - MK Laughlin

Oh Eight - Maxine Lopez-Keough

Ideas Hemingway Rejected Before Settling on White Elephants - Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich

A Modern Wedding - David Holub

Heist - Donna Vitucci

A Confounding Plague - David Erlewine

Letters, Song, and Impermanence - Ryan Crawford

This is a War Story - Sienna Zeilinger

One-Sentence Stories

Geometry - Brian Beatty

Bagel - Eirik Gumeny
Eirik Gumeny

Writer's Worksheet: Daddy Was Awesome (To Me) - Morgan Fryer