2007 and Beyond



The Monkeybicycle Archives

Here, you will find everything that has appeared on over the years. Enjoy!



The Finger - Natalia Kochan

Weather Channel Music Writer - Seth Gall

Drew and Jerry's Airspace - Simon A. Smith

Starlight - Gary Moshimer

When She Pets the Back of My Neck I Can Be An Animal - Richard Chiem

A Fine Walk - Jules Archer

Detachment - Micaela Gardner

Lemon and Honey - Richard Holinger

Transit Wives - Timothy Marsh

Them - Will Curl

The Moral of This Story Is - Karen Eileen Sikola

Your Breakup - Allison Barker

The Dangerous and Heart Breaking Effects of Paper Cup Champagne on a Girl in Venice - Lisa Aldin

X-patriate - Suzanne Kamata

When Pluto Was A Planet - Ross McMeekin

The Shit List - Thomas Cooper

Genies of the Midwest - Marcelina Vizcarra

Tongueless - Katie Wudel

One-Sentence Stories

A Front View of the Female Reproductive Organs - Julia Tranchina

On Brightness - Austin Rory Hackett

The Cancer Walk - Wilson McBee

Death is Always So Close - John Bruce

Cooking - Peter Grandbois

Everything is Beautiful - BL Pawelek

Bodie Bad Man - Margaret Chen

Dunking Apple - Suzanne Marie Hopcroft

The Season of Endings, Wrapped in Wool - Heather Momyer

One-Sentence Stories

Swan Song - Melanie Datz

Twice Stung - Steve Himmer

The Return - Nick Sansone

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Pickled Tomatoes - Rebecca Coffey

Doctor Haskins - Wendy A. Skinner

Reunion - Anne Murphy Garrity

5 Shorts from Fun Camp - Gabe Durham

Lottery - Nathan Pensky

The Dare - Rich Martens

Light as a Toy - Emily Haymans

One-Sentence Stories

Sinister Age of the Draft - Meg Tuite

We Saved the Dog - Alan Rossi

The Money Tree - Matt Staggs

Her Hair - Alec Michod

Jericho - Seth Fischer

The Temerity of Imperfection - xTx

Betta Fish - Tara Laskowski

One-Sentence Stories

Advice for Non-Teens About to Get into Trouble Dealing With Troubled Teens - C. James Bye

Diet and Exercise - Mary Hamilton

Low Country - Mimi Vaquer

Blood On the Terraces - Lorrie Sprecher

Six Months In, Another Kind of Undressing - Adam Prince

The Key To Happiness Is Sleeping Very Little Or Not At All - Nate East

Mommy - Elizabeth Barbee

Muse seeking mister - Ryder Collins

Picturesque - Michelle Reale

The Bigote - Robert Duffer

Just Add Water - Kathryn Kulpa

One-Sentence Stories

One-Sentence Stories

Somewhere There's a Dark Hallway of Faces - David Peak

Somebody Take Care of Little Walter - Sheldon Lee Compton

Four Feet Eleven Inches - Amber Sparks

The Buddhist - Z.Z. Boone

Things the DIctionary Will Not Tell a Person - Brandon Will

Doing Good - Simon A. Smith

Love Story - Lauren Waterman

The Real Homer - John Minichillo

Admit One - Cynthia Hawkins

Everyone's Velocity - Katie Jean Shinkle

How We Made You - Gary Moshimer

Monkey Boy - John Counts

Seismic Activity - Laura Riggs

Superman's Dead - Robert Swartwood

Mankind Vs. The Undertaker - Lindsay Tigue

New - James David Patrick

One-Sentence Stories