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Laryy Sm1Th, Email Spammer, Writes a Christmas Card to His Parents


Hell0 Mom & Dadxd!;!

S3asons Greetings from Houstoxn! It’s hardsuckcock to b3lieve that I’ve been away for this ----> long. I know 1 havn’t written in a while, so here’ss an updat3***.

Things with Stacexxxy are going preTTy well. She got a GOOD JOB in a DownTown office where she does a lot of Data Entry && thats been a relief nasty gangbang action housewives. We needed money qu1ck because TOO MANY BILLS??? were staCK i n g up after our moove. Thingxxs are finally settling DOWN.

Looking for meds?

Busness for me is g00d. I’m selling tons of |^|icrosoft \/\/|ndows \/|sta Business software packages and hav been able to g3t alot of horny muscular studs to CASH IN there Timeshares. They w e r e pre-approovd and S0 we got CASH for them, wh1ch puts money in mine and STacey’s pockets. 1’m sure that makes Dad Happy. Lately I’ve helped hot muscular japanese hunks get bigger pen1ses (for better s3x) and cumshot DVDs.

Inour FREE!!! time, we’ve b33n exxxploring the BIG city on long waLkS and visiting art |^|useums. our neghbors CUM Over For Drink$ And Card Games & we’ve all b3cum CLOSE AMATEUR FUCKING BLACK TEEN FRIEnds. Stacee wants to get a dog s00n, but I’m not ready 4 that kind of responsiblty.

BTW - Are you 2 still paying t00 much for your current mortgage? Is GrAndma? Uncle RON? Reefinance now for a lower rate. pls, its sound advise. With all that xtra money you can invest into your own business! Be sure – we’ll gladly help you. RESPOND A S A P

Have a Happby Holiday Season. I w1sh I cuold cum |-|ome to see you. Did you strappingdrippingsemenguys decorate the hous3 with Lights ths year?^^) Tell STEVE I say hi and that ITS TOO B/-\d about the Jets this yeaR.

Make a visit to me and belt on my live-cams, honeys.

--- Laryy


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