In his new collection of flash fictions titled The Laws of Average, it’s been said that Trevor Dodge “has managed to pull realistic fiction back from the brink of destruction.” In this episode of the Monkeybicycle Podcast, he reads four pieces from the collection, titled “Careless Whisper,” “Know No Better,” “Lessons My Grandmother Taught Me,” and “Plausible Deniability: A Parable.”

Praise for The Laws of Average:

“With these stories, Dodge has managed to pull realistic fiction back from the brink of destruction. The Laws of Average is essential reading for anyone who wonders what happens next in the story of American Fiction after Lydia Davis, Ben Marcus, and George Saunders.”
—Matt Briggs, author of The Remains of River Names and Shoot the Buffalo

“Trevor Dodge’s prose lifts the belly of consumer culture and media-saturated society to reveal its hidden center: endlessly shifting identity and the long echo of a desire perpetually deferred. You are what you read in the arbitrary loop and electrical charge of language. Dodge signals through the flames.”
—Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Chronology of Water and Dora: A Headcase


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Buy a copy of The Laws of Average here.

You can keep up with Trevor at http://www.trevordodge.com/ and follow him on Twitter here.


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