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Summer 2012



Trade Paperback: $8


July 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1-938604-08-9
6 x 9, 207 pages



Hello contributors! This is the page where you can order your copies of Monkeybicycle9 at the discounted rate of $9. And shipping is free. We encourage you to order as many copies as you’d like, but please do not share this page with anyone else.

Thank you all for your fantastic contributions to Monkeybicycle9!

Contributors: A. Anupama, Jeremy Aufrance, A.A. Balaskovits, Nathan Blake, Lisa J. Cihlar, J.P. Dancing Bear, Rory Douglas, James Freed, Jack Garrett, James Tate Hill, Derek Henderson, Dustin Hoffman, Jared Hohl, J.Z. Houlihan, Jane Keyler, Sandra Kolankiewicz, Marshall Lee, Jessica Levine, Christopher Linforth, Naomi Lowinsky, Colleen Maynard, Todd McKinney, Colleen Morrissey, Analisa Raya-Flores, Laurie Sewell, Kelsi Sexton, Jon Steinhagen, Richard Wolkomir, and Michael Wood.