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Maya Lang’s first novel, The Sixteenth of June, has been called “incisive and revelatory, a finely-tuned novel of friendship, loss, and self-forgiveness.” In this episode of the Monkeybicycle Podcast, she reads a short

In his new collection of flash fictions titled The Laws of Average, it’s been said that Trevor Dodge “has managed to pull realistic fiction back from the brink of destruction.” In this episode of the

Nathan Deuel’s new collection of essays, Friday Was the Bomb, is at once a meditation on fatherhood, an unusual memoir of a war correspondent’s spouse, and a first-hand account from the front lines of the most distorted events of recent days: the Arab Spring, the end of the Iraq war,

Porochista Khakpour’s new novel, The Last Illusion, has been called a book full of hard fought wonders, harsh, and yet full of grace, with a touch of myth and an abundance of love. In this episode of the Monkeybicycle Podcast she reads from the book, available May 13th from Bloomsbury USA. Praise for The Last […]

The plots of Jason Ockert’s new story collection, Neighbors of Nothing, have been called “hair-raisingly original.” In this episode of the Monkeybicycle Podcast, Jason reads a story from the collection, titled “Jakob Loomis.”

Vanessa Blakeslee’s debut story collection, Train Shots, has been called, “a colorful glimpse of our sordid and vibrant humanity.” In this episode of the Monkeybicycle Podcast, she reads the title piece from the collection, also titled “Train Shots.”

Tommy “Teebs” Pico is the founder and editor in chief of birdsong, an antiracist/queer-positive collective, small press, and zine that publishes art and writing. He is preparing for the release of his new poetry app, Absent Mindr, which will be available on the iTunes App Store on April 15. In this episode of the Monkeybicycle Podcast, he reads pieces from the app, as well as some new material.

  Sara Levine is the author of the novel, Treasure Island, and the story collection, Short Dark Oracles, which has recently returned to print. In this episode of The Monkeybicycle Podcast she reads “Baby Love,” one of the collection’s stories.   What reviews are saying: “. . .a triumph of artistic merit, a testament to […]

  Laura van den Berg’s new story collection, The Isle of Youth, explores the lives of women mired in secrecy and deception. In this episode of The Monkeybicycle Podcast, she reads one of these stories, titled “Lessons.”   What reviews are saying: “Wonder and mystery are recurring motifs. The women here are one step ahead […]

  Photo by Jennifer Nish   In this episode, Monkeybicycle9 contributor Colleen Morrissey reads her short story, “I Know Who Likes You.”   Colleen Morrissey was born in Omaha, Nebraska and hasn’t yet had the heart to live anywhere but the Midwest. She achieved her B.A. in English at the University of Iowa and her […]

  In this episode Stefan Kiesbye reads “Dictionary” and “Litter,” two short companion pieces. These stories are characteristic of his work; they’re dark and uncomfortable and not for the faint of heart.   What reviews are saying: “A sublimely creepy novel set in a village in Germany. It reads like the Brothers Grimm with historical […]

  In episode 002 of the Monkeybicycle podcast, Jamie Iredell reads from his new collection of essays, I Was a Fat Drunk Catholic School Insomniac (Future Tense Books). Iredell takes on such topics as drugs, alcoholism, body image, racism, feminism and religion, while shining a light on some of the darkest moments of his life. […]

  In episode 001 of the Monkeybicycle podcast, our pal Kevin Sampsell reads from his new novel, This is Between Us (Tin House Books).   What reviews are saying: “well written . . . . consisting of telling moments and epiphanies rendered in precise, poetic prose.” —Publishers Weekly “Sampsell moves on from the personal essays […]