Podcast Episode 008: John Henry Fleming

John Henry Fleming


According to one reviewer, John Henry Fleming’s new story collection, Songs for the Deaf, “creat[es] a new mythology out of crises of faith.” In this episode of the Monkeybicycle Podcast, he reads a piece from the collection titled “A History of War in Three Parts.”

What reviews are saying:

“The way Fleming juxtaposes humor with affliction is part of what makes Songs for the Deaf so enjoyable. Rather than detracting from one another, the comedy and tragedy are amplified. This happens within stories, but also through the collection’s arrangement, with heartbreaking stories standing side-by-side with laugh fests.”
—Thomas Michael Duncan, for PANK

“Traumatic events in their lives lead some characters to redemption, others to extinction. Skillful choice of language, dark humor, and the occasional integration of fantastic elements ensure enjoyment. These strong stories will appeal to fans of literary writing and short stories.”
—Ellen Loughran, for Booklist

“Where Fleming truly excels is in the briefest story, ‘A Charmed Life,’ which traces a lovable loser protagonist’s travels with straight-faced sincerity, showing what a skilled writer can accomplish in just a few short pages.”
—Publishers Weekly


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Buy a copy of Songs for the Deaf here.
Learn more about John Henry Fleming here.


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