Podcast Episode 010: Vanessa Blakeslee


Vanessa Blakeslee’s debut story collection, Train Shots, has been called, “a colorful glimpse of our sordid and vibrant humanity.” In this episode of the Monkeybicycle Podcast, she reads the title piece from the collection, also titled “Train Shots.”

What reviews are saying:

“Blakeslee’s . . . ambition pokes through again and again in beautiful sentences and her unique insight.”
—Denton Loving, for PANK

“[Blakeslee’s] stories read as ballads of brokenness, chronicling the strife, anger, guilt, disappointment, and disillusionment that all of us face. Blakeslee’s range, both stylistically and in her talent to craft a unique narrative voice, is impressive.”
—Lindsey Grudnicki, for Minerva Rising


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Buy a copy of Train Shots here.
Learn more about Vanessa Blakeslee here.


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