With our ninth print issue right around the corner, we need to make some space in the ol’ warehouse. So we’re holding a contest and giving away a bunch of back issues. Here’s how it works:

All you have to do is read through our web archives and pick your favorite story. Then, leave a comment below this post telling us which story struck you the most and why. Each day from today through Sunday, we’ll pick one random winner to receive a back issue of Monkeybicycle. Then at the end of the week we’ll select one grand-prize winner based on the responses to receive a collection of all our back issues—five in total.

There are a lot of great stories in our archives, so be sure to dig deep. And the farther back you go, the funnier our website design is. Entertainment on two levels!

Click here to get to the archives and start reading. And be sure to tell your friends. Whether you receive a book or not, you’ll feel like a grade-A winner after reading a few of our great short stories.

Our grand prize winner will be announced here on Monday, April 30th.



Monday: Sandra Ketcham
Tuesday: Thomas Michael Duncan
Wednesday: Shannon Barber
Thursday: Nathan Thornton
Friday: Doug Paul Case
Sunday: Justin Brouckaert



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