One-Sentence Stories

An Uncomfortable Engagement
Patrick O. Strickland

With her formless torso hunched only slightly over a dinner entrée that’s nowhere near finished, and friends of different epochs peering attentively from each side, the nervous girl is attempting to oscillate between her present self and her former self: the consequence is a sloppy and diluted glance of something only barely representative of either.


Ames John Gigounas

Two minutes ago, you posted an update, I got an email notification that your relationship status had changed to Single; I called the restaurant and canceled our reservation.


Confession from a Wheelchair
Cynthia Larsen

She thinks if her legs worked she could probably fly.


A Short Conversation
Robb Todd

“I hate explaining myself,” he said, and she said, “Why?”


Laura Kayne

That day, she emptied the washing machine to find a single black sock, the lone survivor from their
last night togethe


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