Opening Statements
Chuck Strangward

Not until the prosecutor defined her marriage as one of mutual corruption did Connie wonder what else had been kept from her.


Perfect Silence
Megan Branning

I watch a wave of distant birds break against a cliff.


Other Kinds of Death
Amanda Vacharat

He paid her the first hundred before they even got to the wedding, pulling the envelope from his jacket like a gun.


The Noisery
Jude Cowan Montague

Anna laid them out in careful ownership on the Ikea rug where they looked so comfortable in their sleepy inanimate poses – the Barbie in Bolivian dress, the lemon soap on a rope, the handpainted miniature piano, Ken in his beige polyester, the wild rattle, the purple flashing globe with robot voice, the furry grey bat whose wing she broke – cleared her throat, and began to sing them awake.


Paul Hostovsky

Like the clutter in his life, it was not an intentional growth at first, but more a kind of pure neglect that eventually grew substantial, then formidable, then distinguished—the evidence of a life’s work that, in time’s mossy hands, grew mossy, then Abrahamic, then caked with other growth, other life, that oozed, and swam, then crawled, then flew.