IF MY BOOK: Kindreds by B.B. Russell

Welcome to another installment of If My Book, the Monkeybicycle feature in which authors shed light on their recently released books by comparing them to weird things. This week B.B. Russell writes about her new novel, Kindreds, out now from Green Writers Press.

If KINDREDS were an animated character, it would be Felonious Gru from Despicable Me. When we first meet Gru, he is gruff, lacking in human relationships, and spends his time with minions.  When three orphaned girls enter his life, he is forever changed from only focusing on himself to creating a family he never knew he wanted. He becomes a villain with a huge heart and shows us that people aren’t always who we think! 

If Lilah from KINDREDS were an artist, she would be P!NK.  And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be P!NK?!? She is fierce, strong willed, and belongs to herself. She is mega talented, family focused, and isn’t afraid to try new things. She may have started off looking like everyone else and following their lead, but quickly realized being inimitable is so much better.

If Joey from KINDREDS were a domesticated animal, he would be a kitten. He is cute, playful, and a bit naïve. He has claws, but avoids using them.  Eventually he would grow into a cat who thinks he’s a dog, a bit confused as to his place in the world, lacking in some confidence, and willing to let others guide him. 

If Carnival Nolianna from KINDREDS were a fashion accessory, it would be a scarf.  It can be fun to wear. Over time, it can be twisted, knotted, and changed to accentuate any wardrobe need. One has to be careful though, if tied too tight, it could stop someone from breathing! 

If Sebastian from KINDREDS were a wild animal, he would be a fox.  From a distance, he is cute and cuddly. Yet when you go up to him, you don’t really know what you are going to get. He might let you pet him, but he also might bite you. 

If OX from KINDREDS were a piece of jewelry, he would be a vintage brooch.  To some, it is ugly and they forget about it. To others, the brooch is pretty and the most valuable piece in their collection worn.

If KINDREDS were a drink from Dunkin Donuts, it would be an energy drink. Pretty in color, strong in taste, keeps you going right to the last drop, and wanting more!

If KINDREDS were a Jelly Belly jelly bean flavor it would be buttered popcorn. It is speckled and unusual to look at. When you eat it, you are expecting one thing, and then you get something else. The flavor is unique, buttery & salty, and once you wrap your mind around it, yummy! The taste transports you to your favorite movie or carnival memory! 

If KINDREDS were a social media platform, it would be Myspace. It’s a place that connects friends without all the extra ads, chats, and extraneous hoopla of today’s platforms.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in western New York, B.B. Russell holds her PhD in Education. A college professor and therapist, she lives with her husband, three children, her Bernese Mountain Dog, Doolin, and golden retriever, Paisley. 

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