One-Sentence Stories


You Have The Aspect Of A Robot With Cream Skin
Donora Hillard

And I will beat you with all the money if you don’t love me fast.


Surviving January in Minnesota
Peter Joseph Gloviczki

Press your hands flush to the earth: every impression proves transience as what is certain about fallen snow.


Early Notes from Dr. James Mortimer
Bruce Harris

As a child he abused his toy bear, poking out both eyes and tearing out the stuffing, which is how we found him, bear tracks nearby.


Dandelions Actually
R. Gatwood

He showered her with roses but never asked her favorite flower.


Shruti Parthasarathy

I go through everything in the house, sifting through drawers, books, clothes, collecting regret; tomorrow I’ll decide if I should burn the pile or not.


Brave Little Chucks
Nathan Patton

On the pavement was a discarded pair of gray Chucks, rain-soaked and threadbare, both upright and facing east as if someone had stepped out of them and walked off into the world, unafraid of the stones and thorns that might come their way.


Everyone at This Party is a Priest
Brad Modlin

A drawing room sanctuary to black and white collars and cleanness; but me—naked between my red sleeves, a whore’s bulb against a star sky.


Young Love
Martin Dodd

Stryder, who was smarter, cooler, and hunkier than any short, pimpled, brace-teethed boy in her sophomore class at Cherry Falls High, held Susan’s heart for a summer, her body for a night, and her mind for twenty years.


Race Day
Holly Wood

A woman more sleep than life, she leans towards me and crows, “You white girls, you gotta wear big hats and live every damn day like it’s race day!”


Len Kuntz

Do you remember that summer we went camping and got lost and ended up huddled under a forest of trees where we could hear a waterfall somewhere but not see it and you said, “Look” and I did, and there in the maw of pine needles and detritus was an animal skull with worms clinging to the empty eye sockets, and you suggested we stay lost, that we were better off letting the maggots eat us than going back, having our old man spill his bourbon breath down our face, having him steal what should not be stolen?


Best Western
Ryan Ridge

Then it was the sequel to America and our credit cards didn’t work any more and manners didn’t matter: all the hotel rent-a-cops were acting rude in the parking lot, cussing and lying and trying to lure our prostitutes away from us with their love tazers—scene missing—later, after the shootout with the Sheriff and his heavy friends ended, we agreed on two things, my partner Kyle and I: 1.)We felt cool in handcuffs, and 2.) The only frontier left was in our minds—our dirty, filthy minds which would soon be washed.


Carolyn Zaikowski

His notebook ate her future slowly.


A Secret History
M. d’Entremont McInnis

A broken window was proof enough for Bill Baileen that the messages he received on the short wave radio were extraterrestrial.


It Was Nice (While It Lasted)
Franny Lane

You said it was kind of a funny story, but I didn’t laugh; I left.


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