IF MY BOOK: Matriarch Game, Matt Fitzpatrick

Welcome to another installment of If My Book, the Monkeybicycle feature in which authors shed light on their recently released books by comparing them to weird things. This week Matt Fitzpatrick writes about his new novel, Matriarch Game, out now from Green Place Books.

If Matriarch Game were a ricochet bullet, it would most likely miss you as the intended target, and strike the innocent that surround.

If Matriarch Game were a mirror, it would only reflect the deepest cuts that run crimson down your rusted drain.

If Matriarch Game were a grieving mother, the book would grant you solace.  You would not grieve anymore because the heart has stopped and only the soul moves on.

If Matriarch Game were a prima ballerina, she would fall.  Yet, she would stand back up and begin dancing again, for the music will never cease.

If Matriarch Game were your angriest uncle, it would provide you with power.  The power to shut him the fuck up for once in his abrasive, adult life.  He would be silenced.  Forever or temporary—totally in your power.

If Matriarch Game were a dream, it would send you to places that you never dared to venture.  Places where you held the strings.  Places where you were untouchable, yet you could reach out and touch.

If Matriarch Game were the baseball that hit your face while playing catcher without a mask, then it would be the ice pack that had already melted upon arrival.

Matriarch Game could even assume the form of dirt and rubble.  It could come in quite useful as that first shovelful that clumps down on the chest of a dead, horizontal murderer.

After walking away from a twenty-five-year career in corporate finance, Matt Fitzpatrick pursued his lifelong dream of becoming a novelist. He grew up in a politically connected Boston family, and much of his unique upbringing is reflected in his gritty, nasty and twisted, humorous writing. Matt’s other interests include boating, scuba diving, and tennis, and he is a lifelong rock music fanatic. He is the proud father of two college-age daughters. Matt lives on Cape Cod. His new book is Matriarch Game.

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