One-Sentence Stories


C. Wallace Walker

She’d never lied to him before and understood that he would never trust her again if he found out from someone else, but every time she tried to tell him about that night, the words smoldered to cinders in her mouth.


The Death of Grunge
Simon Jacobs

Sitting in the backseat, as the radio played softly in the background and yet another simmering, loaded silence passed between the angry girlfriend and the submissive boyfriend, the passenger decided that he no longer liked Pearl Jam.


By Way of Explaination
Matthew Joseph Weinkam

Before he even asked for my order I wanted to fuck him but it was really the way he repeated venti back to me that made me leave the note on the napkin with my number detailing exactly where and how it should happen.


Search & Rescue
Stephanie Thurrott

The lifeguards surfaced and dove, surfaced and dove, searching for my son in the yellow water, and as the sun burned my skin and the water washed my feet and my sister held my hand I rolled his name in my mouth like a rock and I hoped they would not find him.


A Multiple Divorcee
Stefan Milne

In stores I feel drawn to things I already own.


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