One-Sentence Stories


Theory of Relativity Between Colorado and Iowa
Jonathan Starke
I was here (a) and she was there (b), and for whatever reason, the time (t), the miles (d), the way she turned, left, and never looked back (x), my arm was never long enough to reach her.


When I Said It Was Like Kissing My Brother
Mel Coyle
I lied.


Budget Travelers
Marianna Staroselsky

They arrive at Limbo Inn and realize immediately that the chlorine and fart infused lovers’ suite with its shared vents that lead to the Jacuzzi in which five bored teenagers have started an orgy is some sick joke some asshole that couldn’t decide between Heaven and Hell made up.

Into Each Life
Jason Vaughn
She had only wanted to thank him, on a drizzly night, by cooking his favorite supper, and yet his getting home late set off a cascade between them that started out sweet and funny (The one night I cook, huh? The one night you cook.), but crescendoed with them blaming each other for everything bad that had ever happened since the dinosaurs!; and now, stepping away into the low light of morning with more than she can carry, she hears last night’s rain still falling out of the trees.

Chris Fradkin
“Allison,” he cried, then she slipped off of the ledge; he watched her body spiral downward, almost floating like a leaf but in his heart he knew she fell just like a stone.

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