One-Sentence Stories


She Said Yes
Amy Locke

There was no fanciful scavenger hunt, no skywriter puffing out a trail of letters, no carpet of curling rose petals, no poem pushed through quivering lips, not even a ring—just the two of them at their wobbly kitchen table, with an order of chicken fried rice between them, and four words, and then one more.


A Short Note Concerning Our Stay at a Bed and Breakfast in German Village, Columbus, Ohio.
Michael Credico

The eggs and bagels were fine, though I believe we were charged extra for a coffee refill which I feel should be complimentary considering cost of board, and Elizabeth thought she saw a ghost on the third floor; we stayed on the first.


Not Very Zen
Christine Tierney

Even though she sits by the grimy window as the sunlight filters in from the tops of the shit brown trees and chants and chants and chants, the disease is still spreading like wildfire through her sobbing, sodding kidneys.


Not Right Now
Vallie Lynn Watson

Their only disagreement had been over “Bolero.”


Brian Duke

Since the accident where he‘d actually cut the woman with a saw, the magician Vincenzi felt a lot better about himself and had been able put things in perspective, for he’d finally done something that didn‘t rely on illusion.


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