One-Sentence Stories

Lauren Stanley

We were great at being young until we grew up and had to start practicing it.

Katherine Blaine Hurley

When you called, I asked myself the question, “Where do I never want to eat again?” because that’s what you’re really telling me when you say, “We need to talk. Pick the restaurant.”

My Final Voicemail
Tony Walner

That time on our second date, when you asked me what it was like living in Atlanta, and I said, “there were too many hot days; and by hot days, I mean black people”— and you didn’t laugh at that coffee shop or call me back for a third date because you thought I was racist—I would like to clear things up with you: it was a fucking joke.

Derelict Arithmetic
Izak Hahn

If I sell my gun, I might get two hundred, but if I keep it, by principle of compounding robberies—deducting for future wigs and masks, for more capable guns and a crew—I might get two hundred thousand, carry the retribution.

Widowed at 82
Benjamin Elwyn

Sometimes it takes something old to make something new: a hole, for example, in a heart.


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