One-Sentence Stories


Report 67-B: Love on Planet Earth [Excerpt Translated from the original

Collin Peck-Gray

On the fifth day, in a ceremonious display before insemination, the male children ingest neurotoxins that act on cell membranes to produce visibly altered gait, incontinence and loud, primitive speech that alerts its females of their intention to reproduce.


Zakeeyah Khan

They tell her she is well-disciplined; it must have been the bamboo-stick beatings.


He Wanted People To Be Able To Say: “They Were So Close, Of Course They Died Just Months Apart.”
Angela Januzzi

But then, he thought as his happy fiancé slept beside him, that would require her speaking to me again some day.


by Roberto Pérez-Franco (Translated by Toshiya Kamei)

Struck dumb by the sensation – or perhaps the memory – of an embrace and a distant voice, he blinked, frightened, not knowing he was still dead.


Le asaltó la sensación -o quizás el recuerdo- de un abrazo y una voz lejana, en el silencio. Parpadeó asustado, sin saber que seguía muerto.


Satellites in Every Home
Simon Jacobs

Unable to find a proper foothold in the digitized, “green” environment they’d helped to foster, three hundred-odd students—as well as the university at which they studied—vanished silently off the face of the earth.


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