One-Sentence Stories

One-Sentence Stories

Steve Russomano

The greater part of the crowd was preoccupied with the macaws and birds-of-paradise, leaving me ample room to bond with the Dodos in the mural


There I Lay
Jorge Piocuda

There I lay, blood pumping out of my body, like a water hose that was recently turned on, and as I tried to think of my childhood, all I could see was the darkness beginning to creep in.


Peace Corps Weekend
Alex McPherson

The girl’s noses are Roman and their bodies silly, almost camp or holy, worth a donation to save an endangered species: innocence.


Bahar Anooshahr

The first time I went back to church after fifteen years was to hear my lover preach.


D.N.A. Morris

All the other memories of her father were boxed and out of sight, but she stood crying in the bathroom because sometimes it’s impossible to throw away a toothbrush


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