One-Sentence Stories


Denise Wilson

It took three heartbeats to consider, for the first time in my life, that I might not be mentally stable, two more to realize I’d really heard my dead brother’s voice; “Cat,” he’d said, loud and clear.


S. Kay

He clicks reload, waiting for a message from her, deleting all others, growing anxious as time passes, until she replies with, “I love you.”


Joseph Messina

Almost no one noticed when the last god died; just a child, half asleep, heard the rattle.


Echo LaRue

The young woman considered the menu carefully before deciding to order success because failure was way out of her price range.


Eric Bosse

Today I found a love note written in black ink on a pencil-thin slip of paper, tucked between the pages of a poetry book some seventeen years ago by a woman I grew to hate and, eventually, forget.


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