One-Sentence Stories


The Good Fight
Steve Russomano

Sherman spent most of his time warring with the ants in his home, never knowing that his wife,
wanting his demise of one kind or another, spent most of her time placing bits of food in discreet


The Passive Cynic
Miriam Rimkunas

“How romantic,” he said, eyes narrowing.


Another Tale
Nathan Long

It was only in the hospital that she learned, from a intern who’d stopped by to check on her and her
daughter, that the best way to stop a dog from attacking your child was to pick it up by the tail.


Claim No. 77959
ATTN: Mrs. Jonathon Holt,
23 November, 1932

Riley Schultz

The smoldering bruise of tarred shingles
sank into clouds of ash, filling her lungs
black with victory.


Innumerate Polygamist
Brad Rose

I’m goin’ to seven weddings this summer, and with a little luck, I’m purdy sure eight of em’ll be


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