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This is How You Leave Him

Holly Pelesky   With a clatter. You will drop your coffee cup and the ceramic will shatter onto the orange linoleum and the shards will look up at you and you will look down at them, at the hot coffee splattered on your ankles. Don’t mop it up. Leave a note: I wanted to love […]

Joe Cary No one’s made a move yet among the hushed chatter and as we pitch and yaw something from the overhead bins caroms off my shoulder and I stare uncertain at my pen, safe in my grip, the fancy one she gave me on our first birthday together, Every aspiring writer needs a good […]

The One Who Finally Saves You

Cara Dempsey   Was I freaked at first? Shit, yeah. You know how it is. You’ve been stuck at a company too long. You were just about to quit when, suddenly, they laid you off. No way you can afford your place. So you spend weeks boxing up your life, throwing out all the little […]

Amy Stuber   It happens on the 42 bus, right after I email the woman I work for, Ellen, practically the thousandth email of the day because she requires that level of attention, and her auto-reply tells me she’ll be “traveling internationally with family for two weeks and so may be delayed in responding.” I […]

Sarah Creech Child’s Pose On a warm summer night when the smell of trampled grass permeates the air and lightning bugs light the dark woods with blinking gold flecks, a girl runs barefoot through the neighborhood streets, feet padded by callouses, chasing boys down concrete walks, up small hills where humble ranch houses stand like […]


Alyssa Claire Greene In the dark of the premiere, you’ll watch credits roll over a high school prettier than the one you went to. You’ll read the names of actors ten years older than you were when it happened. You’ll wait patiently for those words: BASED ON A TRUE STORY. When things get going, you’ll […]

Small Explosions

Dana Cann   A dream lingers. Death marches. The world sleeps. Except middle-aged men with enlarged prostates. He turns the knob on the stovetop. The starter clicks—once, twice—and the flame bursts, like lungs pushing air through closed lips. When he was young, a freshman, there was a fire in his dorm. He woke to smoke […]

The History of Silk

Gary Fincke   During the summer after seventh grade, when we were alone for an afternoon, no chance of being caught, silk was what we sought in Ted Needham’s older sister’s room. We held her silk and named girls we knew who might be slipping off the slick things we touched: Negligees, panties, lace-trimmed slips […]

Michelle Bailat-Jones In America people say, easy come easy go. In America people say, don’t waste your breath. Here, though. Sofia closes the door to her apartment at the end of the day and the silence wraps around her like a sweater a size too small. Soft, but pressing. Against breastbone, against stomach, a band […]

An Imaginary Number

Siân Griffiths for Gwendolyn That night, she danced with aliens. They spoke to her in math. In school, she was learning multiplication tables and isolation; she understood whispers as sound waves measuring the distance between planets. School math was rote. Alien math worked on another logic, requiring no memory. Their three-step time altered her heart’s […]

Ellen Rhudy   She was a dead man’s child, she would have been half-ghost, half-human, she never had a chance. I told Tom he couldn’t come to the appointments, so I sat alone while the nurses gelled my stomach. She looked healthy on the sonograms, but I carried her with dread. There are ways of […]

Dream House Dorothy Bendel @dorothybendel I choose a shiny gold mini-skirt and hot pink tank top and Sarah asks if Barbie will be cold but I say it’s always warm in Malibu, the sun shines all day, every day, and Sarah says that sounds nice and I say I wish I could live there as I push the […]

Four Inches by Cheslea Graham

After Charles Bukowski Chelsea Graham I was deep inside a dream about Zakk Wylde and Jason Mamoa when Dan woke me with his wailing. I pulled open the dresser drawer. There he was, nestled among my perfectly feminine phalluses. He clung to a mint-green vibrator like a life raft. Dan was once six foot four […]

How to Become the Voice of Your Generation

by David Joseph When you’ve been out of college for longer than you’d been in college, apply to colleges for an MFA. To your in-laws, MFA stands for Might Fly Away. To your Lyft driver, it stands for Massages: Fucking Awesome. Politely clarify, you’ll be studying creative writing. “Yeah, man,” your Lyft driver says. He […]

Binary Code by Michelle Ross

Michelle Ross The park ranger had been condescending.  He wouldn’t talk to a group of men that way, the three young women agreed.    They liked running the paved National Park road that cut an eight-mile loop through desert vistas studded thick with wormy saguaros because it was pretty and hilly and, most importantly, got […]

The Bargain

Emma Sloley   She is so much smaller than she looks on TV. She can tell they’re all thinking it, because they seem emboldened now that she is here in the flesh and not just some idealized projection in pixels with the power to sideline them. These men are nobodies, even though they are busy […]

X Names

Marta Balcewicz When we were thirteen, Beth invited me to her stepfather’s home for winter break. The house was on the Caribbean island where her grandparents were born. Her stepfather paid for half my airfare. On our first day on the island, a storm came by, knocking down the power lines. When it was over, […]