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Michael Parker But why do we have to dress up like cops, I asked Run. Because we’ll make more money, he said. I met Run at Mattie’s. He was from Perquimans also but I never knew him, nor his people. Years later, after he died, I was back home for a funeral and met one […]

Shark in swimming pool Scorpion in shoe Icicle I choose cotton over nonflammable polyester I fail to adjust my bike helmet straps according to the instruction manual I forget to knock on wood Shoe stuck in train track Bike wheel stuck in tram track Truck swerving to miss squirrel Meteor Javelin Lawn dart Brian Finger […]

One-Sentence Stories

Red Heel Strut Katrina Byrd @ovenhot On a recent day in early April, a short, brown-skinned woman with a large Afro, a funky strut, and an attitude as real as her love for feathers, entered a shoe store just as a bald man in blue jeans pulled a gun from his back pocket and pointed […]

Victoria McCurdy Swipe right. Swipe right. Tinder. Bumble. Be unable to remember which, but this younger, generically handsome boy whose face reminds you of a Playmobil figure has driven from the suburbs tonight to meet you. Stand about awkwardly untill you are seated at a table in the loudest section of the bar. Order wine. […]

Tara Laskowski The children found the Ouija board buried at the bottom of the game bin. Their teachers were too busy arguing about peanut allergy restrictions and setting up Reading Circle to notice. No one could remember later if it was Tommy or Susan or Jamal who unearthed the box, crushed and tattered and smelling […]

No Sleep, Julia Dixon Evans

Julia Dixon Evans Theo’s night terrors began when he was a toddler, but this is the first time it’s happened when I’ve tried to sneak a man into the house overnight. What if, when we’re sleeping, we are the purest versions of ourselves? What if, when he’s sleeping, Theo is the purest version of himself? […]

Star Bar

Jan Stinchcomb I started going to this bar because it makes me twenty-five, but not twenty-five in the nineties, twenty-five in the seventies. The regulars are characters from the movies I grew up with: Travis Bickle pre-crazy mohawk, Theresa from Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Bobby from The Panic in Needle Park. Everyone is on edge, […]

From: The Rankin’s Trailer Court Handbook for Love Making

Steven W. McCarty This above all else: Don’t have sex with a woman whose husband is in town. This is not to discount adultery entirely, as monogamy is the refuge of the insecure, but at least let him be a truck driver or a timber worker who is trimming the fringes of the Monongalia National […]

Erica Peplin We were sitting in a booth at our favorite diner when I suggested we do the questionnaire that was supposed to make people fall in love. My girlfriend said it was a bad idea because the questionnaire, featured in a popular article, was for couples that were not already in love. I told […]

Bridget Callahan I like you. I like your jawline. I think you are cute. I think about you kissing me. Pushing yourself against me in an alleyway somewhere, your fingers running under my skirt, coaxing. Hungry for that undefined want. Americans spend 110 billion on fast food every year. America sells enough pizza every day […]


Rebecca Fishow The husband and wife are in prison. The prison is warm and dark, like the inside of an animal. The prison guard is a little sick girl who will probably die in a matter of weeks. Already the girl is bedridden. She hardly speaks, but she has complained of terrible headaches. She does […]

Matt Tompkins By the time my aunt arrived at the hospital, my uncle was dead. They’d rushed him from his office where he’d been working late. They said it was a massive heart attack, which you couldn’t say was totally unexpected: He smoked box upon box of a particular brand of fat, black cigars and […]

Shane Cashman We argued over the obituary every day for the better part of a year. The State hired us to write the announcement, holed up in a conference room—dry-erase boards, legal pads, maps, pencils, encyclopedias, that sort of thing. “How’d we get here?” someone asked at the start of most meetings. Here had multiple […]

Kim Magowan and Michelle Ross Charley is the only kid my age living at the base, and I can’t decide if he’s interesting or creepy. The day he knocks on our door to introduce himself, he teaches me War—not the boring card game my little sister Gillian likes, but Charley’s design. Creatures are our soldiers. […]

All Hazarads Model

Margaret Adams The risk analysis expert focused on the crack in the ceiling of their one-bedroom apartment as she talked. This was how she always started these conversations: arms folded behind her head, looking straight up. “It’s like the FEMA guidelines,” she said. “You don’t want to have to communicate all of your emergency response […]

Maureen Langloss I left my sunglasses in the dorm again. My memory was for shit this semester. The guys were huddled around a MacBook Air before practice. I made a visor of my hand and squinted hard. Zoe’s picture was up. Full-screen. Full-stop. The pixels of her eyes flickered in the sunlight like she was […]

Olivia Clare I drove to the cemetery with the woman who was exactly my mother’s age and who said, “Charlie and Ella. That’s who we’re looking for.” Her boots sat in the backseat of her station wagon as we drove up the short road among long-stemmed wildflowers, headstones, and pillars. Old graves. From the turn […]

Shelli Cornelison My cousin, Layla, said you had to write a letter asking your boyfriend to have sex with you. So he would have written proof he didn’t rape you or anything. Proof you wanted it. Because a lot of girls lied about getting raped, she said. If you cared about a guy, you’d never […]

Blake Kimzey First of all, they’re Polaroids Frank had to scan at his muffler shop so we could upload them to the realtor’s website. That’s why they look like ghost-hunter photos. But the realtor, Cammy, said if we wanna sell the place we gotta have photos to show. So here they are with short descriptions. […]

Emily Capettini It’s always a Prius that pulls up, license plate matching the one on her screen, a grinning selfie of a young man about her age when she first went hitchhiking. Mary tucks the phone away and slides into the back seat. “Hi,” the driver says. Tom, the phone said. “How are you tonight?” […]