Mister Prescriptor

August Evans

August Evans

A. write:

B: realist fiction

C. from the perspective

D. of a woman

E. an older woman

F. a much older woman

G. who has suffered

H. the HowStellaGotHerGrooveBack kind of suffer

I. and has decided

J. yes, she independently has made a choice

K. to leave her country

L. because something is wrong with her country

M. In the EatPrayLove kind of way

N. Except you shouldn’t think of that book when you take this prescription

O. because that book was shit

P. everybody knows that

Q. The point is you should write from the perspective of an older woman who’s been through some shit

R. who is sagging

S. whose only hope for intercourse is with a foreigner

T. So as I was saying

U. You: Forty-something Stellagothergrooveback-EatPrayLove with an edge narrator

V. Fine: You’re the narrator of a book called EatShitLove

W. And you leave your country to discover yourself

X. And to admire the locals

Y. And to eat soupy black beans and fried plantains and talk about

Z. nothing


August Evans, a graduate of the University of Chicago MAPH program, teaches English and Humanities in Chicago. She is at work on a novel exploring the fragmentation of self in the age of cyber-identity crafting.


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