One-sentence Stories

Corner Bakery
Carleen Tibbetts

I was thinking, “This soup smells like gym class,” when you asked why the ring wasn’t on my finger, but it came out “I could never be your wife,” as I told you, numb-gummed, that you were persona non-grata.


Why She Always Wore Pants After the Divorce
Lauren Wheeler

Mourning black
would have been
too obvious, so she
just stopped shaving
below the waist.


A Moral
Rich Larson

“Don’t you understand? The real treasure was inside you all along,” he said, advancing with the scalpel.


The Void is Super Funny
Russell Jaffe

Today we remind ourselves that space-time adjusts for the curvature around planets and we bend, we always bend, that’s just what we do, so we are texting each other.


The Scottish Play
Sarah Korinsky

A botched plot severs royals.


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