One-Sentence Stories


Blushing Alone
C. Wallace Walker

When Karen checked her e-mail after a 12-hour shift at the hospital, she fired off a scathing response to the editor whose submissions call was for stories about “Nurses and Their Panties,” only to receive a message a few minutes later from that same editor stating “The call is for stories about ‘Nurses and Their Patients,’ but your version is definitely more eye-catching.”


Steve Russomano

Disregarding how the birds get into your house in the first place, do you suppose it’s the confinement or the lie of freedom in the window that does them in.


Womb to Tomb
M.E. Gallucci

All I ever wanted, truly, was to enjoy life – but what every human is too terrified to admit, is the challenge of enjoyment and impossibility of success since all you are and all you will be, is failure.


Daniela Olszewska

She was awkward, but not in that skinny-intellectual-who-wears-Converse-sneaks-and-has-rich-parents kind of way, so he tried to avoid the subject of his friend’s record release party.


The Quiet World
Madelynn Dickerson

Six years after the storm, mold grows on damp Louisiana ruins.


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