New Books From Our Contributors

Four of our past contributors have new books out recently, and we think you should buy them both. First up is:

Cataclysm Baby

by issue six contributor, Matt Bell.
Paperback · 118 pages
5″ x 7″ · $12.00
ISBN 978-0-9830263-7-2
Mud Luscious Press

Beset with environmental disaster, animal-like children, and the failure of traditional roles, the twenty-six fathers of Cataclysm Baby raise their desperate voices to reveal the strange stations of frustrated parenthood, to proclaim familial thrashings against the fading light of our exhausted planet, its glory grown wild again. As the known world disappears, these beleaguered and all-too-breakable men cling ever tighter to the duties of an unrecoverable past, even as their children rush ahead, evolve away. Unflinching in the face of apocalypse and unblinking before the complicated gaze of parental love, Matt Bell’s Cataclysm Baby is a powerful chronicle of our last days, and of the tentative graces that might fill the hours of our dusk.

You can order it here. And note that anyone who buys a copy of the print edition also receives a free ebook copy—so you get the choice of paper or plastic.


And also:

Surrounded by Water

by contributor, Stefanie Freele.
Paperback · 175 pages
5.5″ x 8.5″ · $14.00
ISBN 978-1-935-70857-5
Press 53

Awards for stories in Surrounded by Water include First Place in the Glimmer Train Fiction Open for “While Surrounded by Water”; Second Place in the Glimmer Train Family Matters Contest for “Us Hungarians”; a 2010 Million Writers Notable Story award for “Buccaneers”; an Editor’s Pick in the Mid-American Review Fineline Competition for “Removal of Oneself From Corporate Identity”; and a Pushcart Prize nomination for “Pozniejszy.”

Order Surrounded by Water here.



The Widow Teasdale and the Ineffable Warmth of Personal Services

by issue six contributor, Drew Jackson, which is comprised of the story we originally published here on the Monkeybicycle site.

Limited Edition Book
5″ x 21″ (open) $25
Rust Belt Bindery

This book features a story by Drew Jackson and photography by Dorothy Hoover. The accordion can be completely removed from the case to be displayed on its own, or left in the case to be read as a more conventional book. This edition has a hardcover case, bound in book cloth with inset labels. The standard edition has a paper case.

This is an edition of 40. Each book is numbered.

Order it here.


If you’ve been a Monkeybicycle contributor at any point and have a new book out, drop us a line and let us know!


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